Whales season


on the island of MOOREA

The humpback whale season begins in August and ends in November. Since 2002, French Polynesia has been the largest sanctuary in the world for the protection and preservation of marine mammals.

Every year, humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of French Polynesia to mate and reproduce. We are fortunate to be able to encounter them around Moorea and observe them in their natural habitat.

In order to observe, approach, and learn more about humpback whales and other cetaceans encountered along the coasts of Moorea Island, Moorea Tiki Tour takes you on a private and guided eco-tour, respecting the environment and the whales.

good to know


Your safety at sea is our top priority.
We prioritize educational and respectful approaches.
We are committed to the protection, preservation, and conservation of our ecosystem.
We aim to share our culture and knowledge with you.


This activity of observing and swimming with cetaceans takes place in open sea. The waters of the South Pacific can be tumultuous and swells, waves, and currents are omnipresent


If you are bound to sea sickness, we advise you to consult or bring the right medication before boarding.


Bring a change of clothes, a jacket, a towel, or anything else to protect or warm yourself up. Even in good weather, the sensation of cold can be felt.


Bring protection from the sun: sunscreen (preferably biodegradable), sunglasses, a hat, a rashguard…


Please plan to bring a snack and a beverage, as the ocean and the excitement can quickly work up an appetite.


Bring your individual and appropriate diving gear: mask, fins, snorkel, swimsuits, and rashguards…


The staff consists of 2 people on board: the captain and a licensed aquatic natural guide trained in first aid at sea and in the ocean environment.

To remember

The observation activity is not guaranteed 100%. We do not control the weather conditions, the sea, or the cetaceans that move in their natural environment.


from august until november

We advise

Hat, rashguard, sunglasses, mask, fins, snorkel, sunscreen, towels, warm clothes, drinks, snacks.